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Looking for something different, then why not venture along our Farm Trail.

The Peel Farm Nature Trail is the ideal way to enjoy a relaxing stroll through some of the best scenery that Angus has to offer. Suitable for both adults and children alike you can follow the trail past the red deer park and then view one of the waterfalls on the River Isla.

Spot the wildlife

Along the way you will have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of lots of song birds, butterflies, wildflowers and many different invertibrates. Keep your eyes ‘peeled’ as you have a good chance of catching them. Ideal for nature lovers and photographers alike to capture some stunning images of the natural animal and birdlife along the trail.

You will also come across our chicken village and say hello to Missy and Murphy the horses and some rabbits and guinea pigs.

Especially for the kids we have a Nature Trail Activity sheet which is available free of charge from the Coffee Shop or the Courtyard and is the ideal way to keep the young ones amused and entertained along the route. Alternatively you can download it here and print it out before you arrive.

For a small fee we can also provide bags of special food for you to feed the ducks and geese who live on the Old Mill Pond. Just ask a member of our staff for details.

Feeding the ducks

Duck food can be purchased for a nominal fee.

Need to know more?

Use our quick enquiry form below to get in touch with us about anything further you would like to know about our Farm Nature Trail.

Peel Farm Nature TrailFeed the ducks and swans